The universe surrounding us is a deep, starry ocean of light and crystals. They restore and protect us in loving and beautiful ways.

Crystar Lightcastle: Psychic Medium and Healer

Come into alignment with the divine gifts awaiting you.

Crystar Lightcastle is a Psychic, Medium and Lightworker practicing in Los Angeles. He is a Reiki Master, certified by the International Center for Reiki Training (, as well as a Crystal Healer certified by Master Crystal Healer Julianna Davis at Auralux, Los Angeles.

Crystar’s soul purpose shines bright today, the dynamic result of his own life-long Spiritual Journey. Born to an “artist and a muse” in a city on the Italian Riviera, Crys actually spent most of his childhood in a very ordinary town in Middle America. Christ consciousness was part of his spiritual identity from an early age, though in a very traditional mainstream sense. He developed considerable skill with tarot, which has blossomed into 25 years of relaying accurate, specific, and helpful information to hundreds of people.

His years as a teenage sage continued while he earned Bachelor’s Degrees in both Public Relations and History from the University of Oklahoma. In 2006, a role at the largest entertainment public relations company in the world brought him to the City of Angels. This stop on his path was a unique and exciting opportunity for personal growth, which indeed shifted his star-gazing from the red carpet to the cosmos. Through subsequent work as a counselor, teacher and community leader, Crys has further developed skills to enliven, elevate, and embrace those put in his path.

A spontaneous Spiritual Awakening in the midst of the 2020 global pandemic further expanded Crys’ tool set, in ways that are quite literally out of this world. This reflective and soulful time on Earth has allowed clairvoyance (psychic vision), clairsentience (psychic touch), clairaudience (psychic hearing), and even clairgustance (psychic taste and smell) to–well–awaken.

As a Medium, Crys travels within a vast, yet intimate, multi-dimensional Spirit Realm inhabited by angels, archangels, divine animals, ancestors, and other Spirit Guides. These are his (and your) teachers, helpers, and guardians.

Crystal Healing comes from an eclectic collection of quartz, stones, gems, and even meteorites to manifest health, wellness, growth, joy, and all else that serves the client’s high and great good. Complimenting and enhancing the experience is Holy Fire Reiki and other unique energy healing modalities.

Anchoring divine love to the Earth and rejoicing in it with all creatures great and small is the honor and delight of Crystar’s life. May your next step be ever more enlightened. Namaste 💜

The universe within us is a bright and boundless arena of our own thoughts and energy. They inspire and propel us from the brink of nothing to the edge of everything. –Crys Starlight Castle